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An ode to the sun

An ode to the sun






Design + Build


Sunrock is the market leader in the development of solar parks, and has outgrown its current office due to its rapid expansion. The new office is located in the Afactorij, an old bicycle factory located in the bustling Schinkelkwartier. Mirato won the pitch for the design + build assignment by bringing the case back to the core; letting the sun tell Sunrock's story.


To capture how the sun revolves around the building, we first did a solar study. The old factory is located on the North, to let in uniform light during the production process without creating shadows. The sun rotates from east to west all day long around the TL-shaped office.

An ode to the sun


The design plays with light and shadow, reflection and transparency. Doing so, we tried to capture the movement of the sun. The color gradients show that the sun never feels the same: sometimes it is hard and bright, sometimes soft and sultry. We wanted this layering to come back to the office.

Custom Paint job
Schets belcellen ontwerp Sunrock Amsterdam


In the workspace, we captured the color gradient of the sun during the day by spraying each call cell or meeting place in a unique color. You see a color gradient from the sun in the morning to the evening.

Schets Trap Sunrock Amsterdam


During the day, the sun rotates around the stairs that are centrally positioned in the building. The staircase not only connects the floors, but is also the social meeting place with a lounge, high bar and coffee corner. The design is inspired by a sundial; pointing to the North, the sun creates a shadow line at 12:00. The staircase is changeable, lockable with transparent curtains and flexible in use.

“Every day, it's a treat to walk around in these beautiful sunny spaces at Sunrock”

Chief Operating Officer


During the day, the sun changes height, color and strength. We took this as inspiration when designing all meeting spaces, each of which was given a unique color scheme based on the location in the building in relation to the sun. Some are reminiscent of a warm sunrise, others of a clear summer day.

An ode to the sun
Grote vergaderruimte Sunrock Amsterdam
Kleurrijk vergadercentrum ontwerp Sunrock Amsterdam
Maatwerk boogconstuctie
Meetingroom Design
Kleurrijk vergaderruimte ontwerp
playfull meetingroom design Sunrock Amsterdam
Kantine ontwerp
Colorfull Kantine design
maatwerk verlichting ontwerp
Maatwerk Bank ontwerp
Maatwerk kleurverloop in gordijnen
Blauw stalen trap
Stairway design Sunrock Amsterdam
Office Lounge Design
Comfy Design chair
Botanic colourfull officespace
akoestiek kantoor oplossing
inspirational office environment Sunrock Amsterdam
Maquette Sunrock Amsterdam
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Creative director

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