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Curiosity meets boldness in IJdok Amsterdam

Curiosity meets boldness in IJdok Amsterdam






Design + Build


International consultant Kearney is located in the iconic IJdock building on the bustling Ij in Amsterdam. Kearney has selected Mirato to design a completely new interior concept. and to be dismantled. In close cooperation, we have created a unique place that is fully used and inspires and brings its employees together.


Kearney's wish was to divest a quarter of the space and to no longer be able to host events and large meetings externally, but in-house. More space to call in, meet online with the customer, but also to come together as a company; a place for connection and meeting. More facilities and less space require a creative approach and a view of space. A great challenge for our architects.

Curiosity meets boldness in IJdok Amsterdam

Old situation

1,000 m2

122 seats

77 permanent enclosed workplaces

6 meeting rooms

Lunch room + pantry

1 boardroom

New situation

750 m2

166 seats

49 flex workstations

3 permanent closed workplaces

9 phone booths

3 2-pax meeting rooms

4 flex meeting rooms

1 boardroom 2 meditation rooms

Lunch area + pantry

Open space + pantry



The central core of the building has been expanded to create space for quiet areas and meeting areas, leaving the rest of the space free to work (together) in. An open work floor that invites you to collaborate and offers space to find a different space for each activity. By creating a large multi-functional space on the 6th floor that changes with use, Kearney has been able to receive customers as well as host brainstorms, recruitment events and large meetings.


Inspiration was taken from the words curiosity & boldness, Kearney's core values. By playing with sight lines, materials with different textures and transparencies, phrases, and poetry hidden through the building, you become curious to discover the space. The goal here was to convert the core values into an experience and make them fully tangible through the tangible environment. For example, we translated boldness by using clean lines, large volumes and smooth surfaces. Big gestures in space provide a powerful design that is in line with Kearney's vision.

“Core values Curiosity and Boldness have been made tangible in formal language and materialization.”

Curiosity meets boldness in IJdok Amsterdam
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