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“Wij geven vorm aan verhalen"We work together in one studio, the place where our added value is created. Design + Build are two areas of expertise that reinforce each other. By working both together and separately, we use our individual strength and create storytelling spaces that capture your essence and inspire you.
Een toewijding aan de kunst van Storytelling met als doel het ontwerpen en bouwen van ruimte waar verhalen tot leven komen. Het narratief in fysieke vorm: waar mensen werken, leven en deel van uitmaken.


We craft storytelling spaces where people are central. Space for connection, space for encounter and experience. Our team is passionately stubborn, exploring and creating value you didn't know was there. A creative process from concept to realistic impressions. Always in line with your story.


Unveiling the Narrative

We begin with an open and engaging conversation, actively listening to uncover the essence of your story. We discuss your business goals, values, and aspirations, while considering your context and history. This collaborative dialogue helps us craft a narrative that perfectly aligns with your vision.
Dit is het decor waarop het verhaal zich gaat afspelen. Dit is ons begin, want we zoeken altijd aansluiting op de omgeving.


Defining the Players

Characters are the lifeblood of every story; in design, it's the people who will use your space. We delve into the core of the target group, understand their needs, aspirations and how they move through space. This allows us to create environments that empower them and resonate with their goals.


main thread of your story

Every narrative unfolds within a unique setting. In design, the existing space becomes our canvas, shaped by its architecture, environment, and history. We meticulously analyze these elements to understand the potential they offer in bringing your story to life.


Designing the Decor

We envision the various "scenes" within your space and how they connect seamlessly. We consider the functions and activities that will take place in each area, ensuring a smooth and intuitive journey throughout the entire design.
Met behulp van vormenstudies, schetsmaquettes en tekeningen komen we steeds dichterbij een sterk en krachtig ontwerp dat het juiste verhaal vertelt.

De productie van het verhaal
Met een team van ervaren projectmanagers dragen wij zorg. Niet alleen voor de hoogste kwaliteit en onze opdrachtgevers, maar voor alle betrokkenen. Bevlogenheid en oog voor detail trekken het verhaal naar een hoger niveau, en dat voel je. Samenwerking en gelijkwaardig partnerschap zien wij als onmisbaar ingrediënt.

Pre-productie & Casting

collaboration & planning

We assemble a team of skilled professionals like architects, engineers, and craftsmen, all sharing your vision and committed to bringing your story to life seamlessly. We meticulously plan every detail, ensuring the project stays within your budget and adheres to your timeline.

Building the set

Laying the Foundation

This phase includes foundation work such as demolition, structural work and installation of essential systems such as plumbing and electricity. We are preparing the location for the story.


dirigeren van de afbouw

We focus on the intricate details, bringing your design to life with meticulous craftsmanship and installation of finishes like flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures.


NAzorg & onderhoud

We add the finishing touches like furniture, artwork, and accessories, transforming your space into a cohesive and captivating story. We also provide guidance and documentation for maintenance and installations to ensure your story continues to thrive.

"Net als een regisseur
borgt de architect
het verhaal van
begin tot eind"

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