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From office building to 30 shortstay apartments

From office building to 30 shortstay apartments






Design + Build


Bizstay opens a new location with 30 short-stay apartments on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade in the bustling Zeeheldenbuurt in The Hague. In an old office building, while maintaining the existing structure and minimal environmental impact, the building will be dynamically transformed by the Amsterdam developer Re:Born function. Mirato is responsible for the entire interior design and finishing.


Mirato has the turnkey design + build assignment to create 30 apartments, an inviting lobby, gym and office at this unique location. The short lines and intensive contact with the passionate entrepreneurs have given the project individuality. Both the interior designer and the project manager know every nook and detail of the building, as you can feel in the end result.

From office building to 30 shortstay apartments


Our goal was to create a nice and warm place where diverse people and cultures feel at home. We looked for a balance between aesthetics and functionality, minimalism and luxury, to achieve an accessible and comfortable design. The materials and colors refer to nature, and you can feel the same atmosphere throughout the building. The warm lobby is a nice welcome with an informal character. Here, a tree sticks out from the basement to the first floor, providing an architectural connection and providing the basement with daylight.


The ambition was to transform obsolete and vacant real estate into a building with a function-free character. This building is primarily suitable for living and hospitality, but if time calls for it, it can easily adapt to care, office or education. Walden also has a social factor in the neighborhood; people meet in the lobby for a cup of coffee or in the gym. Bizstay also provides advice to its guests and brings people into contact with local businesses. The sustainable character is reflected throughout the building; from the construction to the finishes and materials used here.

“From office to high-end short stay, a warm place to stay in a bustling neighborhood.”

From office building to 30 shortstay apartments
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