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What we stand for

Mirato likes to work efficiently and with craftsmanship.

Our team of specialists ensures good cooperation with the customer for every project, large or small. Our strength lies in our knowledge & quality of work. We include the circularity & sustainability of products in every project.


We help our clients translate their identity, ambitions and practical interior issues into effective interior concepts. We advise, visualize and achieve with creativity, individuality, quality and appearance. We convert the wishes of our client into creative and functional solutions. Sometimes straightforward, sometimes with a unique face, but always in line with the intended schedule and budget. We are happy to realize what the client asks for and preferably what he or she needs.


Our approach is characterised by the intensive cooperation with our customers. We do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as a partner. We believe that partnership is the basis for the success of our projects. We discover and develop. We complement our own expertise by collaborating with specialists. Over the years, we have built up a network of professionals with whom we can read and write. For every aspect of a furnishing issue, we know how to find the right partners.


Cooperation with regular partners and end users to find the most sustainable solution in the transition to circular work.

Mirato applies Corporate Social Responsibility in various areas of business operations. For this purpose, annual goals are set to improve our contribution.

Whether you are looking for a complete redesign or an update of your current work environment to the current way of working and wishes, there are always (partial) solutions to find a way that matches your company's CSR goal. At Mirato, we make it a priority to advise you on this.


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