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A story-filled meeting place in the Malie Tower

A story-filled meeting place in the Malie Tower






Design + Build


PUM Netherlands Senior Expert is an organization that works with entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with the aim of achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth. PUM shares knowledge, experience and education with local entrepreneurs throughout the chain and in various business sectors. On the 15th floor in the Malietoren in The Hague, we created a new work environment for PUM's experts and employees, a place that invites you to meet and connect.


Pum is mostly run by volunteers and experts, people who want to work in their field and share their knowledge. Through an enormous variety of projects and volunteers, PUM wished for a place where everyone could come, where knowledge sharing and cross-pollination takes place. A place for connection between colleagues, experts and volunteers.

A story-filled meeting place in the Malie Tower

QR Storytelling

To give PUM's beautiful projects a place in the interior, we have incorporated 7 items into the interior, referring to 7 themes that PUM is committed to. Through a small detail or use of materials, your attention will fall on this item, next to which a QR code has been placed. This QR code tells the story of a current project within that industry.

For example, the meeting space acts as an exhibition of current PUM projects, inviting visitors to explore and stimulate their curiosity.


  1. Committing to clean drinking water
  2. Use material (coconut shell) for residual flows
  3. Committing to sustainable use of materials (wood processing)
  4. Committing to a safe textile industry
  5. Committing to the social and sustainable coffee industry
  6. Committing to sustainable agriculture
  7. Stimulating the use of female entrepreneurship


Our ambition was to provide a stage for the wonderful social projects that Pum is carrying out. From a small detail in the design to a water point in the middle of the room, there is a story behind every element. Using a QR code near the object, you can read the entrepreneur's story. For example, at the coffee machine, you can read about a family business in Uganda that grows coffee beans, learn about the textile industry at the cloakroom to water filter systems at the water tap.


While designing the interior, we looked for sustainable and special materials that match PUM's projects. For example, the bar is covered with recycled coconut shell, we have lined the planters with residual wood and materials such as wool, recycled PET bottles and sustainable fabrics come back. The result is a warm atmosphere with a wealth of materials and textures. A place for inspiration, connection and knowledge sharing. A place that suits PUM.

A story-filled meeting place in the Malie Tower
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Creative director

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