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One studio, two areas of expertise.

We work together in one studio, the place where our added value is created. Design + Build are two areas of expertise that reinforce each other. By working both together and separately, we use our individual strength and achieve the best results.


Mirato geeft vorm
aan verhalen


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Designing is listening between the lines. We design space for the client's story where content is just as essential as form.



We create space where people are at the center. Space for connection, space for encounter and experience.
Our team is passionately stubborn, exploring and creating value you didn't know existed. A creative process from concept to realistic impressions. Always in line with your story.


With a team of experienced project leaders, we take care. Not only for the highest quality and for our clients, but for everyone involved. Enthusiasm and attention to detail take the plan to the next level, and you can feel it. We see cooperation and equal partnership as an indispensable ingredient. Build originated from our flooring company, where our organizational strength and expertise were born.

“Like a director
the architect
ensures the
vision is held
start to finish”