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Pro Rail Headquarters Revitalization

Pro Rail Headquarters Revitalization


2021 / Q3




Vloer + Raam


Furnify, Workbrands, Gielissen and de Klerk



As part of the construction team, Mirato has replaced a total of around 18,000 m2 of floor finish. For this purpose, we used carpet tiles from EGE. In addition, we have supplied and installed electrically controlled blinds at various locations.

This project was under considerable time pressure because it was the client's wish to have all work take place during the lock down. The lockdown gave the construction team the opportunity to draw up a very tight schedule in which, in addition to replacing carpeting, the furniture was also modified/replaced and painting and architectural work could be carried out.

Replacing the floor finish was very decisive for the project planning. Mirato prepared this planning in detail and carried it out successfully; we were able to deliver on time, despite a large number of unforeseen problems. The application of the tiles was carried out in each room with a decorative border along the skirting boards; a total of 17,000 m² of border was installed by our upholsterers. In addition, rooms on each floor have different decorative floor patterns. In this project, the ultimate appeal was made of our craftsmanship, flexibility and the old craft!

The Inktpot building is an icon in Utrecht. It houses ProRail's head office. The building is a national monument and is over 100 years old. Architect George van Heukelom was responsible for the design and construction started in 1918 and was put into use in 1921.

It is a special building because of its size and characteristic design. More than 22 million bricks have been incorporated into this building. Furthermore, beautiful authentic details that are still fully visible, such as stained glass windows, artistic brickwork that requires a lot of expertise, and in some places still a beautiful oak wood interior

All existing carpet tiles that have been released are neatly sorted by color and quality and have a 2e got life. All cuts and packaging were returned by us and disposed of separately so that the total footprint was limited.

In this way, the footprint remained limited and we had to dump almost no old material.



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