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Innovative state-of-the-art production location and office

Innovative state-of-the-art production location and office




Kite Pharma




Architect - Kuiper Compagnons



In Hoofddorp, Kite, part of Gilead Science, has been given a new innovative state-of-the-art production location and office. The existing industrial building has been converted into a modern and innovative facility with an area of 19,000 m². Mirato was commissioned by strategic partner Heembouw to provide all spaces with new floor finishes and completed this task within one year. The project involved the installation of different types of floors in various areas, including GMP/ML-II cleanrooms, GMP warehouses, quality control labs, PCR labs, offices, learning environments, auditing rooms, a staircase, townhall, auditorium and restaurant. The result is a beautiful new facility that meets the highest standards for quality and innovation.


  1. 2800 m2 Tapijttegels Ege ReForm Artworks Angle ECT750
  2. 800 m2 Tapijt EGE green Highline 750WT
  3. 950 m2 Moso Bamboe ******parket ******Naturel Side Pressed hoogkant
  4. 770 m2 Aluminium plint van Storax
  5. 1500 m2 Gerflor Creation Clic 70 Travertin
  6. 110 m2 Gerflor Diopside
  7. 400 m2 Tarkett IQ Natural
  8. 295 m2 Holle plinten Tarkett IQ Natural
  9. 40 m2 Coral Classic schoonloopmat



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