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Vinyl patterns in the style of the building

Vinyl patterns in the style of the building




ParkInn Radisson Amsterdam City West




Radisson Hotel Group



For the chic Park Inn Radisson in Amsterdam, our design department has created a beautiful floor design for the restaurant in the style and colors of the extraordinary building. The vertical surfaces of the stairs are finished in the color of the line. Our work consisted of upholstering the stairs, the rooms and the restaurant, completely in the style of the building's special architecture.

The hotel is located on the A10 in Amsterdam and the interior was once designed by world-renowned designer Karim Rahid. After an intensive period of use of about 6 years, the need arose to carry out a general renovation. Mirato carried out a complete floor renovation in this large hotel over a year and a half.

Rooms: 476 units, +/- 11000m2

The old cover was removed from all rooms and offered for recycling. The floors were then leveled to obtain a flat and smooth surface for applying new PVC strips (Tarket). The skirting boards have also been replaced in all rooms. In order to minimize the inconvenience to the hotel business and keep the rooms “out of order” as short as possible, we have drawn up and executed a very detailed schedule.

Traffic zones, meeting rooms and stairs: +/- 25002m

Here, we replaced the old cover with new carpet from EGE and print carpet from Halbmond. In these spaces, we have also worked with a customized plan to minimize the lead time and inconvenience.

Restaurant and lobby:

For the reception areas on the ground floor, the obsolete PVC covers have been replaced with new PVC strips and runways according to our own design.



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