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Hotel JL76 Boutique at its best

Hotel JL76 Boutique at its best




Hotel JL76




Vondel Hotels



Recently, we were able to apply our expertise at Hotel JL No76, located in the quiet residential area of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. This beautiful 19th century building has recently undergone a minor renovation, asking Mirato to provide new flooring for the hotel rooms and hallways. When determining the right materials, we took into account various factors, including acoustic issues and the desired appearance of the hotel.

Mirato is proud to be a regular partner for Vondel Hotels in the field of floor finishing and window decoration for years. We are involved in the interior process of no less than nine Vondel Hotels boutique hotels, taking on an advisory role to determine the right materials and quality that suit the unique style, design and identity of each hotel.

At Mirato, we understand better than anyone how important it is to have good planning and communication when renovating a hotel. We have a lot of experience in the hospitality industry and know that minimizing inconvenience to guests during a renovation is essential. That's why we ensure that a detailed renovation plan is drawn up in advance, taking into account guests' needs and maintaining safety. This approach allows us to ensure the quality of our services and contribute to a successful renovation without sacrificing the guest experience.

350 m2

Tapijttegels EGE Reform Shadowplay Obscura Beige

60 m2

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Shadowplay Obscura Beige
Shadowplay Obscura Beige
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Shadowplay Obscura TAUPE


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